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Your clothes are speaking a language. What are yours saying?

Let me help you identify which styles are most flattering for your body type. After all, feeling comfortable in your clothing & understanding your personal style, contributes to your peace of mind and your overall confidence.

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De-Stress Getting Dressed

 When our appearance frustrates us, and we find ourselves being overly critical of things that are "wrong with us". 


It's not your body, it's the clothing! Clothing is mass produced without a thought to your body shape. The items you have may be the wrong style, fit and proportion for your particular shape.  

Over the years our bodies change, and we find these changes hard to accept sometimes. We ignore them or pretend they aren't there and end up buying things that would have suited our “past” shape and not our present one.


The Style Educator helps you define your style & strategically plan your wardrobe. We make your life easier, saving you time and money by taking the stress out of getting dressed. 


We love what we do

We excel at working with individuals to achieve their personal goals for  their wardrobe and image.  We do this by establishing your vision and your values, applying them to suit your personal style & your wardrobe. And, we work within your budget to achieve the look you want to project. Personal shopping becomes easy and flawless, with updates seasonally.


Enthusiastic Education

Our straightforward approach to the career of Image Consulting & Appearance Coaching  gives you a solid foundation to start your own career. Each comprehensive module is thoughtfully constructed to build your skillset and highly interactive to give you hands-on experience.  These modules were designed both for those new to the business of Appearance Coaching, Image Consulting or Personal Styling as well as those ready for the next level.  We have found that in-person teaching produces better results so we offer small in-studio classes. Our goal is for you to leave with the tools to succeed and the confidence to implement them immediately.  

Who should hire an Appearance Coach/Image Consultant


Why should I hire an Image Consultant/ Personal Stylist? 

My clients, both men and women, are at a place in their lives where things are changing. Perhaps their children are grown and they are moving on to the next stage in their lives. Sometimes there are personal changes, like moving to or from a new city and this process is about reinvention and wanting to be the best they can be.  Sometimes, they are just tired of being "Mommy" or "Daddy" or have had a life changing transition like a divorce, and want to rediscover who they are. Perhaps they have new "after children" bodies and their old style no longer works for them.

Can I afford an Image Consultant?

Our goal has always been to be affordable and The Style Educator offers packages, and retainers as well as an a la carte option based on an hourly rate. Each client is different and packages are tailored specifically for you and your needs. Please fill out the contact sheet, or call or email us for details.

Whatever brought you here to my page, please send me a note and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you. 

The Style Educator is based in Richmond, VA and currently serves our clients across the US, United Kingdom and South Africa. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you love the way you look and feel every day.



Sara D.   Mechanicsville

 It was a big leap for me to take the step to ask for help with my wardrobe but Joanne gave me that and SO much more! She is a truly caring person and a gifted educator. Joanne’s skills and delightful personality shine through as she conveys insights and encouragement to help you embrace your ‘best self’. 

Jo S. B.  Midlothian

Joanne the Fairy Stylist came over this morning to help me edit my closet so it reflects the new "funky classic" me. I have to get rid of everything to the right of the dividers and the big box! I am not allowed to dumpster dive and pull things back out. I was amazed what she did with the jewelry and clothes I already owned to 'funk' them up. She even made my rehearsal dinner outfit with a very old QVC Joan Rivers sequined jacket! I am so glad I called her. I feel refreshed and current and ready to face my new age. She cost much less than all those clothes I shouldn't have bought and now have to get rid of! She was able to dress me so I project my new image- something I don't have the skills to do myself. THANK YOU JOANNE! 

Judy R Midlothian 

I cannot say enough good things about Joanne Rae. In addition to showing me how to get much more from my wardrobe, she has made me more efficient! I used to pack for my weekly trips in an hour - Joanne showed me how to pack in 20-30 minutes max, pack for a week in one bag, and have outfits to address any business or casual event. Her enthusiasm and creativity have been a real asset ! I enjoy preparing for my weekly events!"    

Joyce S.  The Villages 

Joanne has been a lifesaver for me.  When I walk into a store, all I see is excess "stuff."  I have never been able to deal sanely with this scenario.  And even though Joanne has educated me to the proper styles and colors to shop for, I still only see excess "stuff" when I shop.    But now, I no longer have clothes hanging in my closet with price tags attached, or clothing I wore only once.  I no longer follow a friend and pick up and buy what they buy because it looked good on them.  Now I spend an hour or two shopping with Joanne and have a wardrobe that fits, looks good on me, and I wear over and over again. I have moved 900 miles away from Joanne and after 3 years without her, I am making a special trip to Richmond to shop. Yea!  Oh and did I  mention that Joanne also organized my closet?  I am able to find everything and put together outfits with ease.