Style Consultation

What is involved in a consultation?

Our consultation begins with......

A series of questionnaires and a discussion about your personal and professional image goals.  You'll have a fun homework assignment to complete prior to our first appointment. It's an exercise using pictures from catalogues or magazines or even your own personal pictures of how you see yourself now; your vision for your ideal image and how you might NEVER want to be seen!

The Art & Science of Style

What is color? Color is mood, color is feeling, and color can change how people react to you. Wearing the colors that make us look and feel our best is how we approach color analysis. We drape color swatches on you to determine how much color saturation is best, using both warm and cool tones which are naturally reflected in our skin tone, hair color and eye color. Color analysis has evolved and each person has their own set of unique colors. It's my experience that one cannot be boxed into just one "season" or one or two tonal groups. Your colors are your own and once you have experienced color this way - you will shine. A wallet of color swatches will be available to order. 

Body and Shape Analysis  - Knowing your shape and proportions are the keys to having your clothes fit well. The first step includes taking detailed measurements that will allow us to identify which clothing styles will optimize your shape & proportions. We'll use what we have learned to  enhance your best features and support your wardrobe evaluation. 

 Wardrobe - Next we evaluate your wardrobe. You try on everything for fit, color and fabric compatibility.  We "shop" within your closet, group items together for maximum usage, mix and match items and then plan for any necessary purchases to ensure the maximum return on your clothing investment.  Our goal is to buy less but have more to wear.

Personal Shopping - The Style Educator understands where the best items are to add to your wardrobe based on the needs determined by your wardrobe evaluation. We may then shop together, or  shop for you and have you come into our Studio to try items on. We can also take items to you for an easy shopping experience. Our goal is to build a wardrobe filled with items you love and wear.

Accessories - can make a basic outfit look fantastic, or a fabulous outfit look completely wrong. Any outfit can be glamorized with interesting accessories. Take a plain white shirt worn with a pair of jeans.  Add a leather belt with a nice looking buckle, a great pair of shoes and  a handbag and you've gone from simply casual to casually chic.   


Additional offerings

Hair - Your hair is your crowning glory and is the one thing that speaks to how updated your entire look is. Some of us stay with the same hairstyle and same color for years. Why fix it right??? Well, your skin tone changes as you age and so does the texture of your hair. A new updated hair style with fabulous color can take years off your face. This one simple thing can bring about the most amazing boost to your confidence. We encourage you to try new ideas and explore new avenues.  We work closely with several salons in the Richmond area to create the best look for you.   

Make-up Application We love a natural look that is nearly effortless. With just a few brush strokes you'll be ready to walk out of the door and not have to think about re-applying all day.