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My country of birth is South Africa, but my home is in Virginia in the USA. Before moving here, I spent 15 years in the corporate world, owning and operating my own International Travel Agency. I had my children, and never being one to sit still, I joined an Accessory company and soon held a senior management position with them. This is where my love for Image Consulting started, and seeing the amazing result of my Mother-in-Law’s Color Analysis which changed her whole personality. She went from drab to fab just by changing her colors. I had to learn to do that for people! 

Over the years, I have worked very hard to attain my Certifications, which started with pattern and clothing design in South Africa and when moving to the USA in 1995 my Color Analysis training, which has since evolved to a more modern approach through the Tonal Color system. After getting my Green Card, I ventured into the US retail apparel industry with companies such as Talbot’s and Nordstrom, but ultimately, I wanted to work for myself.

My initial Image Consulting training was done in Atlanta, Georgia. This training was the basis for opening my business which I named Younique Image Consulting in October 2001.  Through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), I have attained further certifications. Certified Image Consultant or CIC in 2005 and Certified Image Professional or CIP in 2009. The CIP designation puts me in a category of about 120 such qualified Image Consultants worldwide. AICI has given me a platform for growth and development and in 2005, I helped start the AICI Washington DC Chapter.  Through AICI I have had the opportunity to serve on the AICI Washington DC Chapter Board and on the AICI International Board of Directors as treasurer (2011-2015) and VP Certification (2015-2017). 

In 2017 I rebranded to The Style Educator, LLC. The Style Educator encompasses all aspects of my business, which include educating you on your perfect styles and offering educational classes and field trips to enhance your style choices. The Style Educator also offers the opportunity to learn and grow your own Image Consulting/Appearance Coaching Business. 


I want you to love what you wear every day and help you achieve a look appropriate for your lifestyle. I always say, there is a metamorphosis that takes place when the outside self is dressed in items that flatter one's body shape and enhance all of one's best features, the inside starts reflecting what is on the outside. What you believe about yourself dictates how successful you are in every area of your life - at home, at work and in your personal relationships. When your image is taken care of it leaves you with time and energy to take care of other things, without giving a thought to what you may or may not look like.


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What clients have said

I love it when clients are happy

Kelly S. Richmond WOW! My husband was coming home from a deployment and I wanted to look good for his return home. Also, the fact that I haven't really bought new clothes that fit my new body size after my weight going up and down in 5 years while having 3 children. I met Joanne Rae and she saved my life ! (well, my closet life, so I only picked out clothes in the morning that looked good on me). Joanne has changed my opinion of my body image, what size clothing I can wear, increased my self-esteem, and increased my confidence in picking out clothing at stores in the future! Friends and strangers have had positive comments on every piece of clothing she picked out for me by saying "boy, you looked great!" "did you lose weight?" (everyone will think you lost weight because you are wearing clothes in the correct size and for your body shape) "I like your outfit!" I can tell the difference every time I follow the 'rules' by people's positive reactions!! I loved shopping with Joanne so much that I am a returning customer coming back to shop with Joanne again later this month!! Can't wait to see my new summer wardrobe!! 

Vickie  G. Florida  "I am the type of person who like does not like to worry about my clothes and it showed. I was always tugging, pulling, or readjusting my clothing feeling uncomfortable and unsure about my appearance. Joanne Rae, created an environment were I felt safe and without judgment of my body or what hung in my closet as she analyze what styles and colors work best for me. From her guidance I feel comfortable and confident in my clothes. Something I thought could never be achieved."

and one more....

Colleen A. Ashland  "When I started this journey with Joanne, I was really scared about the unknown.  Joanne made me feel safe in the first 5 minutes.  She explains I know this can be scary, however this is my job, I will teach you along the way.  We talked and then we started the process of going through my closet.  That is not fun at the beginning, but by the tenth item – you are already seeing a difference in what to wear.  Joanne is AMAZING!  I have never felt this good in clothes in my life!  I receive complements all the time.  The biggest thing I learned in this process…TRUST Joanne, she knows what she is doing, and she picks out all of my clothes.  Thank you Joanne for changing my life."